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To Know God and Make Him Known


So, you are interested in discipleship training, but what does it really mean to be a disciple? A YWAM DTS is not a magical place where you will automatically become a perfect Christian. Yet, something transformational occurs when we spend five months to seek God and practice obedience to Him in community. During this time, He can develop intimate friendship with you.

The YWAM DTS was prayerfully designed to be a place where you can know God, make Him known, and own your own faith. You can make your faith real through lecture and practical application of what you learn in our community. Discipleship is a lifestyle.

 was created to help you discover your place in fulfilling the Great Commission (Matt 28:16-20). The YWAM DTS is an intense, full-time, program, you will start with 3 months of lectures before stepping out into the nations serving God’s through evangelism, intercession and acts of compassion.

A YWAM DTS is a prerequisite for not only becoming YWAM staff, but also for YWAM’s second-level training with the University of the Nations

YWAM Dalarna offers our next DTS starting after Easter in 2018.
The school dates: 4th April – 17th August

  • The 2018 DTS fee: 19.000 SEK  (approx €2,000) for the first 3 months Lecture Phase
    (A non refundable advance application fee of 500 SEK is included in the school fee)
    Please note that you will need to send the application fee with your application!
  • The Outreach Phase fee: 12.000 SEK plus travel to the outreach location.
  • (31.000 SEK total plus travel)
  • Check your local currency equivalent at

You may also have additional costs for visas and vaccinations.

Our school fees cover your housing, food, local transportation, classroom costs as well as travel for visiting speakers. We are able to keep the fees this low, as all our staff and teachers donate their time without salary to the cause of the mission.


Lecture Phase

The first 12 weeks of DTS are known as “Lecture Phase”, during which you will grow in your knowledge and understanding of God. You will be in an interactive classroom setting where you will be challenged and taught by local and international speakers on topics core to your Christian beliefs and designed to grow your faith and character.

A crucial element to the learning experience is our “live/learn” environment. You’ll learn not only from lectures but also from community living. The lifestyle is simple, multicultural and international, with meals eaten together in a community dining room and shared dormitories.

Outreach Phase

During the outreach phase you will travel as a team to another culture and serve through evangelism, intercession and acts of compassion. During outreach you will discover the beauty and challenges of serving God in an intense cross-cultural experience.